RTI International

  • Janelle Armstrong-Brown - Co-Director, REACT4EJ
  • James Harrington - Co-Director, REACT4EJ
  • Karmann Riter - Project Manager
  • Manisha Dass - Project Manager
  • Karen Strazza - Technical Assistance Lead
  • Manuella Messie - Technical Assistance Coordinator
  • Schulyer DeBree - Communications Lead
  • Laura Baum - Evaluations Lead
  • Aileen Rivell - Evaluation Coordinator

Environmental Protection Network

  • Sierra Taliaferro - Community Outreach Associate for EPA Region 4


Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University

  • Elica Moss - Team Lead
  • Joyce Pressley - Assistant Professor, Dept. of Urban and Regional Planning
  • Terrence Martin - Director, Family Life Center, Urban Affairs, Alabama Cooperative Extension
  • Troy Bowman - Assistant Professor, Forestry, Ecology and Wildlife Program
  • Wubishet Tadesse - Professor & Chair, Dept. of Biological & Environmental Sciences


Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University and Florida State University

  • Odemari Mbuya - Team Lead
  • Youneng Tang - Associate Professor, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Florida State University

  • Ming Ye - Professor in Hydrogeology, Dept. of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science


University of Georgia

  • Christina Hemphill Fuller - Team Lead
  • Alysha Helmrich - Assistant Professor
  • Felix Santiago-Collazo - Assistant Professor

Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Jill Gambill - Senior Research Associate, CEAR Hub Executive Director

Environmental Community Action, Inc.

  • Carla Lewis - Executive Director

Vulnerable Communities Initiative, Inc.

  • Josiah "Jazz" Watts - Director of Community Engagement


University of Kentucky

  • Alison Davis - Team Lead
  • Dan Kahl - Associate Professor, Associate Director, Community and Economic Development Initiative of Kentucky (CEDIK)


Jackson State University

  • ConSandra McNeil - Team Lead
  • Ramzi Kafoury - Associate Dean, College of Science, Engineering and Technology and Associate Professor of Biology
  • Luma Akil - Assistant Professor, Dept. of Behavioral and Environmental Health
  • Joan Wesley - Associate Professor, Dept. of Urban and Regional Planning
  • Kenya Hudson - Program Development Specialist

North Carolina

North Carolina Central University

  • Undi Hoffler - Team Lead

South Carolina

University of South Carolina

  • Matt Kisner - Team Lead
  • Kristin Dow - Carolina Trustees Professor, Lead Investigator, Carolinas Integrated Sciences and Assessments (CISA)


University of Memphis

  • Chunrong Jia - Team Lead
  • Ashish Joshi - Dean and a Distinguished University Professor, School of Public Health